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Clearing the "CACHE" on Your Web Browser

Recently, we have received numerous Complaints from our Members stating that the Information on our Web Page is Old, - Outdated, or - just Wrong!  Trust us, - ALL the Information contained on our Web Page is the Newest Information Available, as provided by our lodge Leadership and Committee Chairs.  The Real Culprit here involves something called a "CACHE." 

READ ON . . .

When using a Web Browser, files and web pages that you access are often stored, or "Cached," to make those pages load more quickly when it's accessed again in the future. This is a standard feature in all Web Browsers, regardless if on your Computer, - your Tablet, and Yes - Even on your Smart Phone!

At times, changes to a website won't be seen automatically, as Your Web Browser is accessing a previously cached version of the website, and NOT the most recent version prepared by the WebMaster.

A common way to address this issue is to clear a Web Browser's Cache of Temporary Internet Files. Clearing a Web Browser's Cache does not damage any information stored in a browser such as bookmarks or your homepage. Instead, it simply makes the web browser think that you have not visited a webpage before, and -- LOADS THE NEWEST AVAILABLE VERSION OF THE WEBPAGE.

The next time you access a webpage after clearing your cache, your Web Browser will instead load and display the most recent version of the website, as it will have no previous versions stored.

"Click" HERE to learn how to Clear the "Cache" on your Device, - Including your Smart Phone

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