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Kitchen and Dining Room Committee

Volunteer Information

What: The Calabash Elks Lodge provides high quality, reasonably priced meals to our patrons during our regularly scheduled lunch hours, night time dining and special events throughout the year. These meals are prepared by our fulltime Chef and Club Manager in our professional kitchen. All these dining activities are supported by our dedicated group of volunteers. This group of volunteers allows us to provide these meals at very reasonable costs to our patrons. Without our volunteers we would be forced to resort to using paid resources which in turn would force us to raise the cost of meals.

How: Food preparation is the responsibility of our Chef, volunteers are not expected to prepare food, unless they have the required skills and express an interest in doing so. The general responsibilities of volunteers working in the kitchen include assembling ingredients, assembling orders, delivering food to tables, washing and storing of dishes, pots, pans and some general cleaning activities. There are no minimum requirements for volunteering your time, if you can volunteer once per month or once per week any amount of your time is highly appreciated.

We have varied opportunities to volunteer your time:

  • Lunch is served Monday through Friday from 12 noon to 3PM

  • Evening dining is served Monday and Friday nights 4:30 to 7 PM

  • Planned evening dinner dances     

Who: If you are interested in volunteering your time helping out in our kitchen please contact one of our Kitchen Volunteer Coordinators.

Lunch Time Volunteer Coordinator – Paul Lang – 203-482-1775


Evening Time Kitchen Coordinator – Mike Devine – 910-279-7572

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