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House Committee

Mission Statement | April 2024

The mission of the House Committee is to responsibly serve the membership with transparency and to ensure the safe, effective, hospitable, harmonious, and financially viable operation of Calabash Lodge 2679 including all of its facilities and the activities within those facilities.


Section 16.040 of the Elks USA “LAWS OF THE ORDER” allows for the club, social parlor, or other facility established in connection with the Lodge to be managed, supervised and controlled by one of four possible methods.  As declared in its BY-LAWS Article IX, Calabash Lodge 2679 has chosen to manage the Lodge facilities and associated activities through a House Committee consisting of nine members appointed by the Exalted Ruler.

As such, the House Committee is responsible for:

  • Supervising and managing Lodge operation including the enforcement of “House Rules”, subject to the control and direction of the Lodge.

  • Holding at least one regular meeting each month and additional meetings as deemed necessary by the Committee Chairman, keeping minutes of all said meetings.  Although not a committee member, the Exalted Ruler shall be notified of all meetings in the same manner as committee members.

  • Prepare and present to the Lodge a separate and comprehensive budget on or before the final regular Lodge meeting in April of each year.  Likewise, submit to the Lodge a monthly written report showing its financial condition and the condition of its budget.

  • Address any Member who violates the rules adopted by the Lodge for the club, social parlor, and facilities and/or conduct unbecoming an Elk on the Lodge’s premises.  The Committee is authorized to suspend a Member from the Club and premises following the provisions in the BY-LAWS Article IX sec. 2.

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